Why do we need a military?

Posted March 09, 2019 05:11:17This question comes up a lot when we talk about the US military and how its being prepared for the next decade of war. For example, when

Which jobs will you do for free in 2018?

If you think it’s tough being a freelancer, don’t be shocked to see a lot of people getting paid to do things for free.According to the Labor Department’s latest jobs

Lionel train set to debut in November, 2018

Lionel trains are set to be available for public in 2020.Lionel announced the plans for the new trains at its annual shareholder meeting on Monday.Lionels trains will offer an updated

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Worrying About You

I’ve seen so many dogs struggle to control their excitement in the presence of other dogs.They will always be fearful, anxious, or stressed.This is normal, but when they are exposed

How to get the most out of your trains

Love Train, a new service that aims to help people with mobility issues find alternative transport, has opened in Rome.It connects to a train station via a new tram that

What to watch for when choosing a trainer

In the early days of the fitness industry, a trainer could come to a gym and walk through a door.A trainer would ask the people in line to show off