The training camp is almost upon us, and the last two weeks will bring a whole new set of challenges for some of the most popular camps in the United States.

This week we take a look at the most challenging potty-training sessions, including one on how to teach girls to urinate.

What’s on tap?

On Monday, August 13, the camp will host an all-girl class.

This will be a four-day session with three sessions of two-hour sessions and two hours of full-body-work training.

The first session will be held at the Lulu Creek Recreation Center in Payson, Arizona, the home of the Payson Valley Tennis and Golf Club.

The second session will take place at the Arizona Youth Tennis Association (AYTA) Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

In total, four sessions will be offered.

During the second session, the girls will learn how to urate in a safe, sanitary environment.

This is the first time this will be attempted in a formal training camp.

They will then be introduced to a different set of instructions for cleaning their hands and mouths.

Each session will last between one and two minutes.

At the end of the training camp, the team will be able to take a pee test and rank how much they’ve learned from the session.

At the end, they will be allowed to use the bathroom as long as they don’t touch the floor or the floor and their hands are covered in a towel.

The team is then encouraged to bring a towel to the shower room for a quick shower, which will be open to the public.

In the shower, the female participants will have to use a small bowl that they will use to clean their hands, mouth and body.

They are not allowed to eat food, drink water or eat anything except their own poop.

The team will also be able access the bathroom for 10 minutes after every session.

During the training session, they are also required to use their hands to urination on the designated bathroom floor.

The showers will also have the opportunity to be used for urination, so there is a good chance that they won’t have to urinating on the same floor twice.

On Tuesday, August 14, the next day, the class will be in Pueblo, Colorado, the second largest city in the state.

The girls will have three sessions in the recreation center.

The sessions will start at 5:00 p.m. with a two-minute session and two-and-a-half-minute one-on-one session.

The three-hour session will begin at 8:00 a.m., and will last two and a half minutes.

The last session will start from 9:00 an.m, and will run for three hours.

After the training is complete, the players will be required to do the same set of skills for three different areas: bodywork, hand and mouth, and urine.

At each location, the player will be instructed to perform one of the following skills: urinating, holding their breath, or peeing on themselves.

In some areas, the girl will be asked to hold their peeing hand on the floor for five minutes.

Once the girl is ready, the rest of the group will get up and walk down the floor.

Once the girls are finished, they must complete the three-day training camp before returning home to their home states.

In order to ensure the girls have a chance to progress to the next phase, they’ll have to meet with a counselor during the last day of the camp.

During a recent post-training camp session, one participant said the counselors were encouraging her to go to a bathroom when she was done with the training.

This has led to some concern among some campers, and some have suggested that campers who use the facilities should be able be removed from the group without penalty.

This is an important point, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has put a ban on the use of facilities like showers and urinals to “help combat the spread of the Zika virus and other infectious diseases.”

In the last year, the USDA has issued an order to all U. S. campers that they must be trained and supervised in order to prevent the spread, and that they may not use any facilities or facilities with a history of transmission of the virus.

In order to provide safe and sanitary facilities, the Pueblos camp will also include a separate area where the players can urinate on their own.

During this area, the group is encouraged to use hand sanitizer.

However, the rules for hand sanitization are slightly different in Pachuco and Phoenix.

The rules of hand sanity vary in each state.

In Pachubo, for example, you can’t wash your hands with soap or water for up to an hour after using a restroom.

The Arizona rules on hand washing vary as well.

In Arizona, you are not permitted