According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, the demand for athletic trainers is high.

The survey found that while the demand in this area has increased significantly over the last few years, there are still a few trainers who are not getting the recognition they deserve.

The majority of respondents who answered that question said they were satisfied with the work they were doing and would recommend someone to do the same.

Only 2% of respondents said they would not recommend someone in this position.

The majority of people surveyed by CareerBuilder said they needed to get their hands dirty in order to stay in the industry, while the majority said they did not need a lot of training to get started.

In fact, almost two-thirds of respondents stated that they did “not think there is enough” training available.

As CareerBuilder notes, there is no shortage of jobs available in this industry.

The average salary for an athletic trainer is around $90,000.

In terms of work, many trainers are responsible for the majority of the athletic training on a team or individual athletes.

In terms of the types of jobs that they do, athletic trainers generally report they do everything from physical therapy to massage, as well as a large number of sports and recreation jobs.

The CareerBuilder survey also found that more than half of respondents were able to get a job as an athletic trainers because they have been hired by teams or individuals in the past.

However, the vast majority of those who said they had been hired said they do not have the qualifications to be a full-time trainer.

Nearly half of the trainers surveyed by the survey said that they had already completed at least one training session, and half said they have done multiple sessions over the past year.

While this might be a relatively small number, many people who are looking to start working in the sports field would be happy to get up to speed on some of the basics first.

Many people who were surveyed said they are looking for a career in sports.

The largest group of respondents (55%) were looking for positions with multiple sports.

In addition, nearly half of people who answered this question said that a team of athletic trainers would make a good family, and nearly two-fifths said that the team would be a good fit.

Another group of people, however, were looking to get more experience.

A third of those surveyed said that while they were interested in being a full time trainer, they would like to get experience at a lower level.

In comparison, nearly one-third of respondents with a high school education or less and one-quarter of people with a college degree said they wanted to get into the sports industry as an athlete.

However, those who were looking into starting a career at the higher level did not necessarily expect the work to be the easiest of jobs.

Only one-fifth of respondents surveyed said it would be easier to get to the next level in the sport field, compared to 16% of those with a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, one-fourth of respondents indicated that they expected to have to work in a team environment to be able to handle their workload.

While it may not be as difficult as it sounds, it does mean that the average salary paid by a sports trainer is higher than that of many other industries.

The report found that the annual average salary was around $84,000, which was a bit higher than what many people would expect to get at their current job.

For those who work part time or on the side, this could be a problem.

For people who do not want to work full-timers, this may not mean much of a difference.


if you want to make a career as an athletics trainer, you may want to be prepared to take on more tasks, including more physical therapy.

There are many athletic trainers who would like a fulltime job and who would not be interested in a full team experience, but they can still help with some of their sports training.