Wii Fit Trainer, Nintendo’s fitness tracker, is coming to the Wii U in November, the company announced.

Nintendo is also bringing Fit Trainer to iOS devices and Android, with iOS users getting a free version of the fitness tracker.

Fit Trainer will be available on Wii U for $39.99, and on Android devices for $10.99.

Nintendo said the new Fit Trainer is compatible with the Wii’s gyroscope, which is similar to the one found in the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo said that Fit Trainer will also be compatible with Nintendo TV.

The company also said the Fit Trainer’s motion sensor will work with Wii games.

“We’re excited to bring Fit Trainer for Wii U and the Wii Fit trainer to Wii U, and we’re looking forward to bringing Fit trainer for Android devices,” said Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima in a statement.

The Fit Trainer costs $39, and is compatible both with Wii and the Fit trainer app on iOS.

Wii Fit Trainer comes with a variety of features.

It will be able to track your daily activity and health, as well as measure your workouts and calorie burn.

You’ll be able set the Fit tracker to automatically adjust its volume when you’re resting or playing games, as you’d expect from a fitness tracker that requires your phone to track it.

You’ll also be able customize the Fit tracking mode so that it only shows data when you touch it.

Users will be free to download the Fit Tracker app from the App Store, but the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL will have to be purchased separately.