Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will meet on Thursday in New Jersey to discuss the state’s primary.

The Sanders campaign announced the meeting in a statement.

The Clinton campaign announced a “town hall” meeting on Wednesday evening at New York’s Javits Convention Center.

Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said the two candidates will “discuss the issues facing our country and what they can do to get our country moving again.”

The Sanders and Clinton camps have been at odds over the last two weeks over the nomination process and the candidates’ positions on many issues.

Clinton has been criticized by Sanders for her failure to release transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street banks.

The Sanders campaign says the transcripts are private, but Clinton has said she will release them.

Sanders and Clinton met Wednesday morning at the New Jersey Statehouse in Newark.

Sanders campaign spokesman Jeff Weaver said the meeting was to “meet with members of the media, to talk about the issues we face, to see if we can agree on some issues that are very important to us, but to do so in a respectful manner.”

The meeting comes amid an increasingly hostile environment for Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination.

On Thursday, the Vermont senator told a crowd in Portland, Ore., that he had been a “tough opponent” in the primary.

“I’m the only candidate who has been a tough opponent and fought for working families and working people,” Sanders said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.