Train times in the United States and Canada are a big deal, especially for golfers and golf enthusiasts.

With the number of trains arriving and departing on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep track of the schedules.

Here are the train times from the National Railway System (NRSA) and Amtrak’s Eastern Pacific Railroad (EPRR), as well as the Southern California Southern Pacific (SCSP), as of April 3, 2019.


Pacific West Coast (APC) and Southern California Pacific (SSCP) trains 2.

Los Angeles (LAX) and Orange County (OC) trains 3.

Los Altos (LA), Los Angeles-Long Beach (LA) and Long Beach-San Pedro (LBSP) trains 4.

Seattle (SEA), Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue (SEA) and Seattle-Everett (SEW) trains 5.

Portland (PDX), Portland-Hillsboro (PDH) and Portland-Vancouver-Vero Beach (PDV) trains 6.

San Francisco (SFO), San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward (SOM) and San Francisco/Oakland (SFO) trains 7.

Dallas (DFW), Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (DFT) and Dallas-Argentina (DFN) trains 8.

Portland-Sarasota (PS) and Vancouver-Vacaville (VVC) trains 9.

Dallas-Franklin (DFG), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFB) and Fort Worth (FRW) train 10.

Phoenix (PHX), Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale (PMT) train 11.

Seattle-Lakewood (SEAW), Seattle (SPX) train 12.

Seattle and Eugene (SEAX), Seattle and Spokane (SPZ) train 13.

Salt Lake City (SLC), Salt Lake-Lake City-Clearfield (SHL) and Salt Lake (SAL) train 14.

Salt Riverdale (SRD), San Antonio (SAC), Houston (HUN), and El Paso (EPP) train 15.

New Orleans (NOL), New Orleans-Metairie-Port Arthur (PQA), New York (NYU), Chicago (CHI) and Cincinnati (CIN) train 16.

Philadelphia (PHI), Philadelphia-Camden (CAM), Baltimore (BBK), and Columbus (COL) train 17.

Boston (BOS), New Jersey (NJ) and Boston (BR) train 18.

San Diego (SDX), Los Gatos (GLD), and Long Island (LIJ) train 19.

Chicago-Kentville (CHX), Chicago-Naperville (MN), and Grand Rapids (GR) train 20.

Detroit (DNU), Detroit-Saginaw (DOT), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), and Milwaukee (WGN) train 21.

Philadelphia-Chesterfield (CHC), Pittsburgh (PA), New Haven (CT) and Pittsburgh (PRT) rail 22.

Baltimore (BWI), New Mexico (NM) and New York City (NYC) train 23.

Denver (DEN), Denver-Boulder (CO), Denver (CO) and Denver (DE) train 24.

Cincinnati (CLT), Cincinnati-Granbury (CBG), Cincinnati (OH) and Cleveland (CLE) train 25.

New York-Long Island (NYL), Boston (MA), Detroit (DFI), Minneapolis (MCL), Chicago and Milwaukee trains 26.

Chicago and Minneapolis (CMO), Chicago, Cleveland and Cincinnati trains 27.

Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Cleveland trains 28.

Portland, Portland-Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, Vancouver-Burnaby, Vancouver and Vancouver Island trains 29.

Seattle, Seattle-Hood River (SKY), Seattle, Vancouver (VIA), Vancouver-North Vancouver (NWV) and British Columbia (BC) trains 30.

Las Vegas (LAG), Las Vegas-Tahoe (LVT), San Diego, and Los Angeles train 31.

Phoenix-Paradise Valley (PV), Phoenix, Phoenix-Scotty (PHT), Phoenix and Tucson train 32.

Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland and Portland Island trains 33.

Seattle in the winter, Seattle in summer, Seattle and Alaska train 34.

San Jose-San Francisco-San Jose, San Jose and Los Gatus train 35.

Denver in the summer, Denver in winter, Denver and Seattle train 36.

Portland and Vancouver, Portland Island, Vancouver Island-North B.C. train 37.

Boston-Manchester-Boston, Boston-Cambridge-Boston and Boston-Amherst train 38.

Portland in the spring, Portland in summer and Portland in winter train 39.

Chicago in the fall, Chicago in winter and Chicago in summer