Lionel trains are set to be available for public in 2020.

Lionel announced the plans for the new trains at its annual shareholder meeting on Monday.

Lionels trains will offer an updated and expanded ride experience for both riders and riders who are traveling for work or school.

This includes a new version of the Lionel B-train, with improved comfort and a higher-speed capability, a new Lionel A-train with more comfortable seating and seating options, and a Lionel C-train that will be the world’s first electric Lionel-class train.

The Lionel platform will be built at the same time as the Lionels new electric trains, and will be used for both the Liones B- and C-classes, which will also share the same platform.

It will be one of the first Lionel electric trains to be built, but it will not be available until 2020.

The lionel platform is already being used for Lionel, the world-renowned luxury train company that operates the world famous Lionel station in Paris.

The Lionel system has become a staple of the Parisian nightlife.

This year, Lionel is bringing Lionel to London.

Lioness train services will be available from London to the U.K. and the U,S.A., beginning in 2020, with further service to the New York and Paris markets in 2021.

The new Lionels train will be powered by the world first lithium-ion battery, and has a range of 400 km (250 miles) on a single charge.

The lionel-train will also have a range between 30 to 60 kilometers (19 to 38 miles), and a top speed of about 55 kilometers per hour (31 mph).