The train tracker system that’s used to track train movements across the United States has crashed in the Midwest, with Amtrak tracking service calling the system “an absolute disaster.”

In the wake of the massive system crash, Amtrak is offering free train tracking services to those who lost train tracking data or have lost it due to the system’s software problems, according to a statement from the company.

Amtrak said the system had been down for more than 24 hours and was still working.

The train tracker is a digital network of devices that are used by train operators to locate, map and track trains on the tracks of the railroad tracks, according the statement.

A train is identified as a train if it is tracked and located in one location on a track by a train tracker.

The track is called a “pathfinder” for tracking the location of a train.

The tracker can track up to 16,000 different train movements per second.

The system has been in use since 2003, but Amtrak has said it was unable to update it to meet federal regulations requiring tracking technology to be updated annually.

Amtrak said the problems arose from a problem with the software it was using to track the system.

“It is our opinion that the issue with the train tracking software is that it has been configured to use a certain number of track markers per second to track trains, which is a different system from the one Amtrak uses to track passenger trains, Amtrak said in the statement, which was posted Friday on the company’s website.”

We have asked Amtrak to work with us to identify and fix the issue, but the problem continues to affect some users, causing them to lose track of trains that they should have been tracking,” the statement said.

Amps statement was not immediately available from Amtrak.

The company said it has not yet identified the cause of the problem.

In addition to Amtrak, other railroads that operate train tracking systems in the United Sates, Canada and Australia also have had issues.

In November, a fire broke out at the track at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, and in January, the track in New Jersey caught fire.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is also facing problems with its train tracking system.

The Netherlands government said in November that its system, which allows passengers to request train tracking, had not been updated to the latest version of the software.

The train tracking service operates at an estimated cost of around $3 billion a year.