For years, it seemed like the best way to decorate your home was to buy a giant pile of expensive pieces of furniture.

But now, a new breed of designer is bringing the big-name, expensive-looking furniture to your living room.

In a new survey, nearly 70% of homeowners reported they are “satisfied with their furniture choices.”

And, they’re looking for the kind of quality that will make them proud to own a brand new set.

Here’s how to find what you need for your new home.

The most popular furniture pieces are listed below.

For more, see our guide to the best-looking pieces.

In addition to the three most popular pieces listed, some items are available in multiple sizes and materials.

If you’re a bigger home owner, consider buying multiple sets.

In some cases, a single set may cost less than the cost of a pair.

We also list a variety of prices for each piece.

Here are the top 10 most popular set options in 2018: