The Pokemon Trainer series is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer.

The series, which is in development for a second season, will be released in July.

The game will have 30+ different trainer types, each with their own unique moveset.

Trainers are able to play against the same AI in battle, which has some interesting gameplay elements, like the ability to use Pokemon cards in battle to enhance your moves.

A “pokemon trainer” can also be customized in terms of your own attributes.

For example, a Pokemon trainer with a super effective attack will have better moves to use.

There are four trainers to choose from, each of which can teach you a specific move in battle.

Each trainer has their own strengths and weaknesses, which will also affect their battle effectiveness.

There are four types of pokemon, but Pokemon trainers can also evolve into “monsters” to learn more moves and more powers.

The monsters can be summoned into battle, allowing them to use items and special moves.

The PS4 and Xbox version of Pokemon Trainer will also have some unique content.

There will be a new “Battle Arena” mode where you’ll be able to battle other trainers in the game, or a “Team Battle Arena” where you can battle your friends.

These “team battle arenas” are also available for the PC version.

There is also a free “Pokeball Arena” that allows you to battle your fellow players.

These Pokemon-specific arenas will allow you to “poke” them and “battle” them.

They also include items and Pokemon cards.

You can unlock the Pokemon Trainer mode by completing certain challenges.

The free mode can be accessed on the Xbox One version, but you’ll need to download the game on the PS4 to play it.

The Pokemon Trainer game is in its final stages.

While the developers are trying to create the best experience for their players, they’re also working on a number of new features to enhance the game.

The “Pokemon Trainer” game is also getting some updates, including a “Pokemon Center” where players can keep track of all their Pokemon that have been seen.

They’ll be adding in more customization options, including customization of the characters, the outfits and even the weapons and accessories that you can pick up to customize your Pokemon.

In addition to the main game, there will be an expansion called “Pokestop.”

It will allow players to shop for Pokemon and other items, which are tied to your Pokemon cards, and can be traded for in Pokemon-themed items.

Pokemon trainers will also be able visit PokeStops to trade items and learn more about the world.

It is unclear when the expansion will launch, but it is expected to be out before the end of the year.

The developers also recently announced a partnership with the Nintendo eShop to allow players who have purchased Pokemon Trainer to download Pokemon Trainer 2.

The PlayStation 4 will be out in March.

The Xbox One and PC versions will be available on July 19, and the PS Vita version will be in the middle of October.

The PS4 version will also come with the new “Pokemon Battle Arena.”