CNN’s train cartoon team was at the center of the show’s most ambitious episode yet, as the team teased a slew of new characters, cast members, and locations.

In honor of the season’s 10th anniversary, we caught up with series creators Christopher Randal and Paul S. Anderson to get the scoop on the season ahead.

In a season filled with surprises, “A Christmas Training” was a big one.

Is it a big surprise that you got to choose the right characters for this season?

Paul: Well, that’s a good question, but that’s not our goal at all.

Our goal is to surprise and delight.

And I think the biggest thing that was fun for us was the fact that we had a couple of great new characters that really struck us as very well-suited to the season.

So, I mean, I think we were just delighted to have them.

And we also have a couple who were really nice to us.

We just wanted to see what they were capable of, so they weren’t the kind of character we were expecting.

Christopher: And they were all a little bit different.

We had to pick a few of them, because we wanted to make sure they would feel fresh.

It was interesting that they were so different.

And then, they all had their own personalities, which we thought was really interesting.

So that was interesting.

Paul: Yeah, that was a great challenge.

We were able to bring them into this world in a way that we never have in our shows before.

And that was really exciting.

It’s been fun to play with all the different characters and their personalities and their backgrounds.

It really felt like a Christmas train.

We could get into this little train of train cars.

It felt like we were on a train, not just on a map.

And it was kind of a fun challenge to really figure out where we were going to be, what our story was going to take us and how we were supposed to end the show.

We didn’t just go in and say, “Oh, well, we’re going to go through this train.”

We knew what we wanted, and we knew how it was going.

We wanted to figure it out as we went along.

But it’s been a lot of fun to figure out what it’s going to look like.

Christopher: I think this was a fun year for the cast.

They’ve all had so much fun to be part of it, and they’ve all been great to work with.

It just feels like they’ve been doing this a long time, and it’s fun.

Paul: Yeah.

And, yeah, the show has been so successful, and so successful.

I mean there are a couple characters that have gone on to become the new heroes on the show, and there are other characters that are just so great.

We all love to work together.

And the characters that were on the series before, we really liked the people that we were working with.

And they’re all just great.

It has been an incredible experience, and I think it’s the most fun, exciting, rewarding, and rewarding time we’ve ever had working with the actors.