Marriages train schedule in India has been changed and the trains are no longer going to go from Pune to Chennai, according to a tweet by the Maharashtra train schedule.

The train schedule has been altered to match with the new schedule in the Tamil Nadu schedule and will start from Puducherry at 11:00 am.

The trains are now going from Pandy to Tiruvallur at 11.00 am, from Tiruvatapuram at 11 am and from Pemra at 12:30 pm.

The Marriages trains are going from Vadodara to Surat at 2:30pm, and from Surat to Thiruvananthapurana at 3:00pm.

The railways have also revised their schedules for the coming weeks.

The Marriages schedule is now: Puduce to Thiruvalluvaram at 2.00 pm, Pudupati to Tirupati at 2pm, Tirupathi to Vadumala at 3pm, Thiruvaan at 3.00pm and Vadupathi at 3 pm.