On Thursday, it was revealed that former UFC fighter Nicky Diaz was on the lam after a police raid on his house in Arizona.

Diaz was arrested on drug charges stemming from an alleged incident in which police allegedly found a knife in his house, TMZ reported.

The arrest occurred on June 1, 2018, after police responded to a report of a person who was acting suspiciously inside his residence, according to police.

The person then reportedly allegedly attempted to enter Diaz’s home through the back door and was taken into custody.

Diaz, 33, reportedly denied having any weapons inside the house.

However, police then allegedly discovered several firearms and drug paraphernalia in his home.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed that Diaz was in custody at the time of the raid.

A police source told TMZ that Diaz’s mother and brother were also at the home.

Police also allegedly found the suspected drug parapher inside Diaz’s vehicle.

The alleged incident occurred after Diaz was allegedly pulled over for driving without a license plate on June 2, 2018.

A woman who answered the door of the house told police that she believed her husband “was doing drugs,” according to Fox News.

A short time later, the woman said that Diaz had been using drugs on the night of the alleged incident.

She told police she was concerned about Diaz’s drug use, according the report.

“We were just trying to help,” the woman reportedly said.

Diaz allegedly admitted to using a combination of prescription and illicit drugs, according TMZ.

In addition to Diaz, the alleged drug-possession suspect is alleged to have been identified as: Jose Antonio Villanueva-Lopez, 34, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Jose Enrique Guerrero-Reyes, 29, of Anaheim, California, both of whom are also suspected in the case.

Villanuaga-Lotto has been charged with possession with intent to deliver and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Guerrero-Loto is also charged with conspiracy to possess with intent, possession of a firearm during a drug transaction, possession with a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of marijuana with intent.

According to a press release from the Albuquerque Police Department, the arrest was made by officers responding to a domestic disturbance call.

According the press release, officers responded to Diaz’s Albuquerque home and found him asleep in the back of his vehicle with a knife.

Diaz reportedly refused to identify himself, police said.

The Albuquerque Police said that officers then “received information that Diaz and his wife had taken a vehicle to another address.”

Officers discovered the car in a parking lot, which contained numerous weapons, including a knife, a handgun, and a large amount of cash, according police.

An Albuquerque police officer allegedly told Diaz that he would be arrested if he did not get into the vehicle, the release said.

Officers reportedly used a stun gun on Diaz to subdue him.

Diaz is being held at the Santa Fe Detention Center on $10,000 bail.