New Delhi: The Indian government has unveiled a plan to ease congestion at its major rail stations during the Independence Day celebrations, which are being held on Sunday.

The announcement on Sunday by Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that people will be able to travel to all stations by train and on buses between 5 p.m. and 6 p.e.m., with all the stations open on Sunday, and that the new timetable will be in place by midnight.

The government is also setting up 24-hour ticketing centers at four of the rail stations, as well as the Metro Rail Corporation of India (MRCA), a private operator of the railway.

All stations will have CCTV cameras, and trains will be equipped with GPS tracking devices.

The new timetable for the celebrations will be available on the government website by 6 p.

“The government said that during the celebrations, the roads will be open to all, and there will be no restrictions on the number of people travelling to the main train stations, or any restrictions on those who wish to board vehicles on the railway, buses, and coaches, except for the limited restrictions on buses and trains in Delhi Metro.

On Sunday, people will travel to the train stations from five to six stations, and will travel on trains between 5:30 p.g. and 7 p.f.m, the government said.”

The new railway timetable will ensure that no traffic congestion is caused during the day, as the traffic will be managed by the authorities at the railway stations,” the government added.

According to a government statement, the timetable will also allow people to use public transport during the night.

A senior government official said the new schedule would be rolled out in phases.”

Once the government is satisfied with the results of these steps, it will initiate the procedure of finalising the timetables of the new railway schedule and start implementing them in the following weeks,” the official said.