Train times are getting faster, with the MTA announcing that starting April 1, riders will have the option to travel between the Brooklyn and Manhattan stations in a single train ride.

The announcement came after a study found that while ridership on the subway is down for two straight years, the time it takes to travel to work is up.

MTA spokesperson Daniel Garzato said the changes will bring more riders to the system and will allow the MTA to more efficiently serve commuters, particularly those with shorter commutes.

The new service will replace the current “bike train” system that only serves the subway and the commuter rail, which is why the New York Times reported the new system will cost as much as $3 billion.

The new trains will carry about 700 passengers a day, compared to around 800 riders a day on the current trains.

“It is a very big change,” Garzata said.

“The change will allow us to bring more people onto the system.”

The new system also means there will be no more double-tracking in the city, meaning riders will not have to take the train every 10 minutes when going to and from work.

The MTA has been using double-tracked trains for years, but the system has been criticized for overcrowding.

According to the New Yorkers Against Train Theft, ridership dropped by more than 60 percent when double-track trains were phased out last year.

The Times also reported that double-tracks have been used in other cities like Seattle, Washington and Philadelphia, and that the city is considering a similar change.