With all of the new face-shifting trend of the last year, it seems inevitable that one of the first things people do when their face-coverings get a facelift is go out and look like the Kardashians.

Well, if that’s your style, it’s probably best to have a plan.

Here’s our advice on what you should wear when you’re feeling ready to step out in style.


A long-sleeved shirt.

In a bid to stand out from the crowd, many people choose to wear a long- or short-sleeve shirt, with the aim of looking as close to Kim as possible.

This is because, if your face is so wide, the shirt can help you blend into the crowd and make you stand out even more.

If you’re not a fan of this look, though, you can always opt for a more casual style.

Try wearing a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt, both of which will look as natural as possible for the event.


A pair of tight jeans.

The trend of ‘tight jeans’ is all the rage these days, and there’s no denying that they are quite trendy, especially in South Africa, where we live.

This looks natural in a dark t-shirts, and if you’re a fan the idea of being dressed like a superhero in a tuxedo, you’ll be in good company.

If you prefer a slightly less conventional look, consider opting for a pair of jeans with a fitted top.


A loose knit shirt.

If the trend of tight denim is getting you all excited, you might also want to take note of the fact that the ‘tight’ in tight is in fact pronounced ‘tuh’.

This is a nod to the fact you need to cover your entire face with your clothing in order to look as if you are, as Kim Jong Un once put it, “a man with a short haircut”.


A suit jacket.

While you can opt for any of the above styles, it may be best to opt for something a bit more formal.

A tailored suit jacket will make you look as cool as Kim, and a suit with a tailored collar is a surefire way to make people want to buy your t-shirt.


A sport coat.

A tux can go from stylish to boring to just plain ridiculous in a matter of minutes, so it’s important to ensure that your outfit is as stylish as Kim Kardashian, and as stylishly dressed as possible with a sport coat, which is what Kim likes to wear.


A black jacket.

If your look is not as ‘truer’ than the Kardashies, then it might be a good idea to opt to go with something a little more stylish.

A dark suit jacket may be a bit too bold, but a dark black one can be a great alternative if you like to look like a ‘tough guy’.


A sports jacket.

This is one of those items that Kim Kardashian would definitely wear to a game.

A baseball cap with a ‘D’ in the front would make for a great look, while a pair in black and a grey with a blue tie would look like they would go well with Kim’s trademark black tux.


A polo shirt.

For anyone looking to look a little bit more ‘sexy’ than Kim Kardashian (and the rest of us), a polo is a great option.

You can opt to wear it in a wide variety of colours, from red and white to black and grey, and in a variety of styles, from traditional to something a tad more daring.


A denim jacket.

This will be a staple item of Kim’s wardrobe, and it’s a great idea to choose a jacket with a cotton top that has been specially made for her.

A navy blue denim jacket will also look stylish, and is a perfect match for Kim’s jeans.


A knit shirt or sweater.

The last thing you want to do is get dressed in a suit jacket that you are not sure how to wear, so here’s our suggestion for a knit shirt, or a sweater.

A short sleeve shirt will look pretty casual, and should be a go-to for Kim when she is wearing a blazer.


A jacket with pocket.

With the advent of the fashion-forward look, many men opt to ditch their suit jackets and go for a pocketed jacket.

The best way to look ‘cool’ is with a pocket, and you can certainly do this with a pair.

It’ll make you feel as if Kim is wearing her favourite blazer, but it’s not the only option.


A beanie.

This beanie is another item that Kim would wear to any occasion, so why not wear it to the big game?

This beanies can be worn as a scarf or a hoodie, and are an easy choice for a summer outfit. More