A 2-year-old girl in Mexico has been forced to play the role of a train on her way to school for the third time in as many months.

The girl was on her first trip to school on Wednesday, when her father said the girl started crying and asked for a ride home.

The train was already in the station when the girl took the first steps.

It was then that her father realized that the girl was actually crying for real and the train began to climb on the platform.

She was told to take off her shoes, so she put on a helmet and gloves.

The girl had to climb the stairs as the train was so close.

She was eventually able to catch the train on a bridge to her home, where her mother helped her to the front of the train and helped her out of the car.

The mother was not at home, so the family decided to take the girl back to the station for the next trip to their home, in the capital of Chiapas.