This is a guest post by David Sarnoff.

A few weeks ago, I took a train from London’s South Eastern Railway station to Glasgow, Scotland. 

I’d booked a taxi and had it parked in the garage behind my house, so it wasn’t too difficult to get on and off. 

The train was about 45 minutes from Glasgow, so there was plenty of time for lunch and to stretch my legs, before heading to my new office, which was about half an hour away.

But, when the train reached the station, I was in for a rude awakening. 

When I got off at the station (a relatively small place in the city) and stepped out onto the street, I had a hard time keeping my gaze from wandering across the road. 

There were plenty of cars on the road, and I was quickly surrounded by pedestrians. 

 I saw a young girl standing in the middle of the road and, at a distance, I could clearly make out her eyes. 

It was a girl with long brown hair. 

She had a large smile on her face, but it was hard to make out in the dark. 

Her face was completely covered by her hair, which had a distinct look to it. 

My eyes had a clear focus, but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. 

So, I stepped back a bit and watched her. 

As I turned to look, I couldn�t help but notice that she was wearing a hoodie, which I assumed was an outer layer of clothes, to cover up her face. 

And then, when I turned back, I saw she was carrying a black backpack. 

What I saw next was a scene from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. 

Eeyes Wide Shut is an iconic film about the relationship between the main character, the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and the film’s antagonist, played by Heath Ledger. 

In the movie, DiCapro’s character, played the title role, is a drug addict and is suffering from addiction. 

Ledger’s character is a psychiatrist, played Vincent Vega, played in the role by Michael Pitt. 

Both of them are suffering from their own addictions, which they use to maintain their facade of sanity. 

But, what they have in common is their inability to stop. 

After a while, they stop caring about their own sanity and start caring about the happiness of others. 

From this perspective, the main problem with both of them is their addiction.

The main problem is that both of these characters have an obsession with themselves. 

DiCaprio’s obsession is with himself. 

He sees himself as a great actor, a great singer, a talented singer-songwriter, a good person. 

Vega is obsessed with himself and his reputation. 

Pitt is obsessed by his own success and fame. 

They both are trying to hide the fact that they are addicts. 

Their goal is to keep their own heads above water. 

For DiCaprios life, his addiction is about money and success. 

for Vega, it is about his family, the people he loves and the love that they hold for him. 

His addiction is a way of life that he tries to maintain, but he also sees himself on the other side of the drug addiction spectrum. 

At the end of the movie they are both struggling to live up to their own expectations and desires, but they both are addicted to something else. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

How can anyone have an addiction to heroin? 

But that is what happened to me, when I was in my late twenties. 

We were living in a small town in southern England, called Plymouth, and it was a relatively small town. 

Our only outlet for entertainment was a video game store, which we would play regularly in. 

One day, we were playing and a young man came up to us and asked if we would like to go out with him for a night. 

If you recall, the video game was the Doom franchise. 

That night we went out to a bar and he was chatting to a girl and, in the background, a woman walked by and said to the man, “Hey, what are you doing?” 

She said it to be polite. 

Then, as we were leaving the bar, she asked me if I was interested in going out with her.

I said no, because, in the game, the woman’s boyfriend was playing the game and I couldn�t afford the drinks he offered. 

Well, she didn�t have to ask. 

I�m not looking for anything in particular, but if you�re looking for