Now Playing: The Trump administration could sue over ACA coverage cuts Media: Fox4 News / John Bazemore Now Playing | House lawmakers look to repeal Obamacare after first failed attempt Now Playing : Trump administration tries to stop GOP health care bill Media: AP Now Playing – Senate Dems propose a ‘public option’ for health care media: APNow Playing – Trump Administration says Trump won’t be a ‘champion of free market’ for now Media: Associated Press Now Playing Trump administration seeks to block the Senate GOP health bill Media, Fox4Now, Associated PressNow Playing | Congress is considering a plan to replace the ACA Media: The Hill /AP Now Playing House lawmakers are considering a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act Media: Washington Post Now Playing President Trump won the election on the backs of voters who want to see more government control Media: Politico Now Playing Donald Trump’s top aide resigns amid scandal Media: Al Jazeera Now Playing White House defends the president after White House aide pleads guilty to a federal crime: ‘The President will not allow himself to be manipulated by a foreign power’ Media: CBS News Now Playing Senate Democrats consider a bill that would help replace Obamacare Media: USA Today Now Playing Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: President Trump is a ‘faker’ and ‘a liar’ Media on the Hill: Trump administration fires off a new attack on the media: ‘This Administration will not be fooled by the liberal media’ Now Playing GOP congressman: Trump ‘has no moral compass’ to lead America Media: Matt Rourke, Associated NewsNow Playing Trump threatens to sue Congress over ACA repeal media: Fox News Now Play House Democrats unveil their plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act Media on, Fox NewsNow, AP Now Play Senate Republicans unveil their healthcare plan Media: CNN Now Playing Sen. John Barrasso: Trump is not a ‘legitimate’ president Media: Mark Wilson, Getty Images Now Playing Vice President Pence on Trump’s first foreign trip: ‘He is a man of character’ Media, APNow, AFPNow Playing House Democrats to vote on health care plan on Thursday: ‘No American should be left behind’ Media.

Fox NewsNOW Now Playing CNN Poll: What the GOP must do to win back the House of Representatives Media: Nate Thayer, Associated School District Now Playing Nancy Pelosi and Trump ‘should have been together’: Democrats on the House floor Media: Kelly McBride, APNOW Now Play President Trump’s chief of staff: ‘We need to work together’ Media and Politics: The Good Guys, The Washington PostNow Playing Nancy Trump and Donald Trump on Trump and healthcare: ‘It’s not a negotiation, it’s a fight’ Media that Matters: House Democrats plan to vote next week on health bill media: NBC NewsNow Play Trump threatens legal action against House Democrats who voted to repeal Obama-era law Media: Julie Bykowicz, Associated Journal Now Playing Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren: Democrats must be ready to take back the Senate Media: Erin Hooley, Associated College Media: Sean Gardner, Associated Journals Now Playing ‘If I lose my job, my family will be gone’: Former Trump campaign chief strategist Roger Stone says Media: NBC Now Playing New York Times’ top lawyer says Trump campaign could face civil charges over Russia story Media: Buzz 60 Now Playing NBC News: President Donald Trump says the ‘press is not getting the truth’ on Russia investigation Media: Josh Hicks, AP now Playing Trump fires off new attack against the media on Obamacare repeal: ‘I am not a liar’ media: Associated News Now The Hill: Democrats will vote on their healthcare bill Media.

Fox NewsNow: PresidentTrump has no moral, political compass, to lead us Media: Matthew Dowd, APnow Now Playing US lawmakers to vote to repeal, replace ACA in House Media: ABC News Now