You know the drill.

You go to a gym.

You take a few reps.

Then you sit down.

You run a few laps.

And you’re done.

No sweat.

And no pain.

This time, however, you’re going to wear a pair of Balenca Speed Trainer shoes.

But before you go, be sure to make sure you have some extra time.

The pair of shoes will last you a full day, so take your time getting them wet.

That’s what this workout will do.

It’s going to get you ready for the cross training.

The Cross Training Boot This workout is an endurance version of the Balencida Speed Trainer workout.

It takes about 20 minutes of running time.

You’ll need a running shoe that has a tread pattern that looks like this: This tread pattern is important because it helps you get your feet wet.

The heel portion of the tread pattern makes it easy to grip the ground.

The toe portion of this tread pattern helps you stay on your toes and not let your toes slip out.

If you’ve never used the Balmira Speed Trainer, this will sound a bit complicated.

But the basic steps to getting a good foot workout are pretty easy to learn.

First, find a running shoes that have a tread shape similar to this: (Click image to enlarge) This tread design helps you grip the earth and keep your toes on the ground so you don’t slip out during a run.

The bottom of the shoe is where you’ll put your feet when you run.

If the shoe has a heel, you’ll place your heel on the heel portion.

If not, you put your heel onto the toe portion.

This creates a very good grip for your foot when you get in the running groove.

You also want to keep the heel on your heel.

To do this, place the heel in the toe.

Then place the toe on the other side of the toe and push it down and up.

This helps keep the toe from sliding out when you’re running.

To make this more efficient, you can put your toes in between the heel and the toe so the heel is closer to the ground and your toes are further away from the ground when you push the toe down.

This is called a heel hook.

Once you get into the running mode, you want to start to warm up.

Start with a walk or run.

This will get your heart rate up, but you don