The train is a bit of a rarity, and the trains have a history dating back to 1878.

It started life as a steam train, and had to be modified in the 1980s to make it run at a speed of 100 kilometres an hour.

Nowadays, the train is one of the busiest routes in the city, carrying more than 10 million passengers a year.

The train will be part of the new Perth-Melbourne Rail Link which will link the cities of Perth and Melbourne.

The track was built in the 1960s by Melbourne’s city-owned freight and transport company, Western Rail.

It is expected to carry up to 20 million passengers on a single train each day.

More trains will be added to the route, as the state of Victoria builds up the rail network to accommodate the growth of the city.

Originally a tunnel, it has since been widened to create a train station at the heart of the centre.

This is the train that will transport passengers in the new rail link, as it will connect the CBD to the CBD of the Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

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