A movie about the deadly train crash that killed 168 people has been canceled in China, according to Chinese state media.

The announcement came hours after the film’s distributor, Universal Pictures, said it had pulled the film from release in the country.

The movie, “Traffic,” stars Robert Pattinson and Olivia Wilde as passengers who try to get to safety while trying to escape a burning freight train.

The film was released in China in July, and the film will be shown in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen later this year, Universal said.

A movie like this is very important to China and its culture.

This is a very important film, and I think it’s very important for China to show its appreciation for this movie, Universal’s statement said.

The company had planned to show the movie in New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Beijing later this month, according, the statement.

“Traffic” is a comedy about a woman who is trapped in a burning train car and is forced to survive in a subway car as she tries to escape.

Pattinson plays a railroad worker who helps the woman to escape, and he also stars as a police officer who tries to stop the train.

The film’s director, Zhang Xingjian, was initially set to direct the film in the U.S. but was replaced by Wu Jianwei, the Chinese director of “The Queen.”

Zhang and Wu worked together on a number of previous films, including “The Crown,” “The Wedding Singer,” and “The Prince of Tennis.”

In May, Zhang announced plans to start work on the sequel, which was set to open in China late this year.

Zhang and Xingji also teamed up on “Penguins of Madagascar,” “Dollhouse,” and another Chinese comedy, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.”