If you’ve ever had to ride the scale in an airport, train or a subway, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your cat on a leash.

It’s especially annoying if you have a pet with a fear of heights, like a Siberian Husky or a Greyhound.

But you also don’t want your cat jumping on your shoulder, even though you’ve seen the videos of scale trains and other large-scale train rides.

To make it easier for your cat, here are some tips to make it a little easier.1.

Make your cat’s behavior and the way he interacts with other people predictable2.

Use a harness with a collar to keep him on your lap3.

Give him a little distance to explore4.

If he gets too far away, go back and try again.5.

If your cat isn’t getting on your shoulders or on your leg, make sure he can’t get to your lap.

You can also give your cat a short, safe leash so he doesn’t jump off or jump in the water.6.

If you have your cat chained up, put a big, solid piece of cardboard in the cage to keep his head and body off of the floor and the wall.7.

Don’t let your cat jump on your back, because you might be in danger if he does.8.

Train your cat not to run in the middle of the train, because it’s dangerous.9.

Train him not to be aggressive toward other people who are going the same way.10.

If the train is coming up a hill, wait for it to stop.

That’s the safest way to train.