Updated February 06, 2019 06:24:31A Lego train is making its debut at the London 2012 Olympics.

The train, built in the colours of the Olympic flag, is also called a bullet training bra.

The LEGO train is made up of 3,500 bricks and costs £7,600.

The first video of the train can be seen above.

The train is a train built for the London Olympics in London, on February 6, 2020.

(Photo: LEGO London 2012 Olympic Olympic Games)The train, which will be in the Olympic Park for the Games, was built by LEGO London, which is based in the UK.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) and British Transport Police (BTP) are responsible for the construction.

Bachmann Train was first seen at the 2014 London Games and was designed by architect Michael O’Neill, who also designed the Lego train, as well as the Lego Cityscape.

The London 2012 Lego train was the first of the London Olympic Games to be built by a private company.

A train was also constructed in Tokyo in the same year.