It’s not just the NHL that’s been in a state of limbo lately.

In fact, the league is in a similar situation to how the NHL was before the lockout began in 2012.

As the sport’s popularity and revenue continues to grow, teams are forced to make decisions on how to spend the money.

One of those decisions is whether or not to sell the team and/or players.

While teams can’t sell the players, they can still sell the franchise itself.

That’s what the Wild did when they sold the franchise last year to a group led by Peter Guber.

Now the team has a new owner, so it’s up to the new ownership group to decide how to move forward.

The new ownership team can choose to sell it all, including all of its players.

That means it’s possible that the Wild could end up with only 10 players on the roster, including two goaltenders.

That would leave them with an average salary of about $3.7 million.

The team could also have an even smaller payroll, but a higher average salary.

The Wild’s top goalies, Ryan Miller and Devan Dubnyk, each earned about $2 million in their first year on the job.

The bottom line is that it could be a difficult decision for the Wild, which could end with them trying to make the playoffs again in a couple of years.