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That includes creating the first universal mobile app that lets you access a service animal at home and at work.

It’s called the “service dog” app, and Recode has been working on it for years.

Now, the service dog app is available to all active duty and reserve forces and the National Guard and Reserves.

In addition to providing access to the service animal app, the app is built to make it easy for service members to get the help they need at home.

And that’s a huge deal, as there are no real service dogs available anywhere.

A service dog isn’t a service member anymore.

It is a service that is trained and certified for work by an experienced service member and is ready to help someone with a disability get to work or school.

The app also offers the ability to ask a service representative about their service dog certification.

The service representative can answer questions about the dog, or ask about how it’s trained and why it’s ready to go to work.

This is where the app gets its name.

The real work is done on the home screen.

It lets you set up a home with your service dog, and get a personalized feed and a personal reminder that you are a service.

If your service member is an active duty or reserve member, you can set up your service pet to respond to your voice when you call, and the app automatically sends an automated text message when you answer the phone.

If you’re a reservist, you’ll have to ask for a personal dog service representative to answer your call, which can take up to 15 minutes.

There are some caveats: The service dog service is not a service or certification.

It doesn’t have to be trained or certified, and you don’t have a formal certification from the military.

It has to be a service-capable animal.

The dog has to have a disability rating of 6 or more, and has to pass an obstacle avoidance test.

Service dogs can be trained to work with the military’s physical-response team, which is trained to help injured troops get back to their post, and to get medical treatment.

If they’re trained for military or domestic work, they also can work with military and civilian agencies to help with emergencies.

The dogs are not supposed to be used to threaten or intimidate people.

The apps are available in a number of languages, and there’s also a Google translation app.

It will be available to service members in the United States in the near future, and they can request a copy of the app on the app store.

The military has long required its personnel to have service dogs for work, but it’s not mandatory for service dog use by the military or reservists.

It depends on the individual, and if there’s a conflict, whether the service member can use a service pet.

The Pentagon said it’s looking at ways to make the service animals more readily available to the public.

Service dog users can have access to all the tools they need to safely and effectively work, including access to phone and text messages, and are encouraged to take advantage of the new service dog apps.

“If you are concerned about your safety or wellbeing, you should not be forced to choose between providing a service to a serviceable animal and protecting your own personal safety,” said Army Secretary David Goldfein.

“The service dog community is an important part of our national security.

The U.S. Department of Defense is committed to ensuring the safety of all our personnel, and providing a secure and accessible environment for service dogs to function as intended.”