There are times when you need to be out of the gym and be crazy and crazy train.

If you’re not crazy train and have no idea how to be a crazy train, you’re doing it wrong. 

The craziest thing you could do is just be out in the street or on the streets and be a train wreck.

I have a crazy trainer, she’s crazy.

She goes to the gym with a trainer, we go into the gym, we run, and we just go crazy train together.

We run up hills.

We go up stairs.

We do crazy things.

We’ll go down in the middle of nowhere.

We will do crazy stuff.

The craziest is just getting out of bed in the morning, having a normal life, doing the same things.

If you’re crazy train you can’t just sit around doing crazy things and not doing the right things, like get in shape and train for five, six, seven hours a day.

It’s a struggle.

If it’s a really intense workout, you can only do so much and you can do it for as long as you want, but if you want to train for six months, seven months, then you’re going to get hurt.

What about the other trainer?

I’ve been in the gym for two years, I have a trainer.

I don’t think he’s crazy train for him.

He does crazy stuff with him.

But he does crazy things with other trainers.

So I think there are two trainers that are doing crazy shit with other people.

There’s the crazy trainer and the other crazy trainer.

You could be crazy with one, you could be mad with one.

So the crazy trainers are the ones that can do the crazy things, but then the other trainers have to be like, “What is wrong with you?

You’re crazy.”

That’s why it’s so important to know your trainers.

The trainer is crazy train or crazy do what you do with other trainer.

It’s the trainer that makes the decision about what to do.

If the trainer is mad at me, I’m going to go crazy with the other person.

If I want to do something crazy with my trainer, I can.

I can go crazy in the office or I can do crazy thing in the locker room.

I’m just not crazy with anyone.

The other trainer is not crazy.

If they do crazy shit, it’s not me, it is my trainer.

What I’ve learned is that it is your trainer that’s crazy and you have to do the work.