Amtrak train schedules were canceled Monday due to the Super Bowl. 

Amtrak said it canceled trains in the Philadelphia area for the first time since a deadly attack on the country’s capital. 

The Amtrak network is in the midst of a massive maintenance effort that has left thousands of passengers stranded on busy highways in the Northeast and in many states. 

In a tweet Monday, Amtrak said it was canceling trains in Philadelphia due to a “national emergency” and that trains would be diverted to other cities. 

“We regret this decision and are working closely with Amtrak to find a solution,” Amtrak said in the tweet. 

Many passengers were left stranded in the aftermath of the attack. 

On Monday, the attack killed four people and wounded 20. 

According to CNN, a bomb exploded at a New Jersey train station Monday morning, sending panicked commuters scrambling for cover and causing multiple explosions and fires. 

At least five trains in New Jersey have been cancelled, and Amtrak said that it was working with the federal government to reopen those lines. 

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