More than a year ago, the Wall Street Standard ran a story that asked how baseball players and their coaches would fare if trains were to become the primary mode of travel between the U.S. and Mexico.

The story made its way to baseball’s governing body, the Baseball Writers Association of America, which oversees the game.

The answer was simple: no trains.

“No one wants to go to the stadium on a train,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told the Standard.

“The train is a very inefficient mode of transportation, particularly in a country like ours where people want to get to work and play baseball.

The fact that we’ve made the decision not to go on the trains is a decision that we have made with the utmost consideration of safety.”

The Standard story also noted that train schedules had been in flux for years, with the most recent schedule being finalized in 2016, when it would have taken two days to travel from New York to Los Angeles.

The Standard also reported that trains would be able to reach Mexico from Florida, but only on weekends, which would mean travel times would be extended to more than two days. 

However, the WSJ story noted that the MLB and the WBA were still working out a schedule for the 2020 season. 

“I think that it’s really important for us to get it right,” Manfred said.

“We’re going to work out our schedules with them, and we’re going out and we’ll figure it out.”

As the WSZ reported, the WAB has scheduled for an announcement about the new rules to be made at a press conference in Florida on Tuesday.