The Amtrak train schedules will be released to the public on Monday.

The schedule will be the first public glimpse of the future of Amtrak, which is expected to close its doors in 2020.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has not yet announced how it will deal with Amtrak.

The FTA said it plans to release the schedules at the end of January, with trains scheduled to leave Portland, Oregon, by December.

The agency said it expects Amtrak trains to depart in late 2019.

The Federal Transit Agency is planning to release Amtrak’s train schedules to the general public by the end at which the agency expects the first scheduled Amtrak train to leave its Portland, Ore., terminal.

“We’re pleased that Amtrak is going to have a better understanding of the schedule they will have to share in 2018,” said FTA spokesperson Jessica Kukowski.

The schedules will include details on the number of people, routes and stops. 

The FTA also said it planned to release more information about the Amtrak’s new commuter rail service. 

“The new Amtrak service will deliver a high-speed, high-capacity and reliable transportation option to more Americans, in addition to connecting to our growing network of regional and national commuter rail systems, Kukowski said. 

Amtrak plans to have up to two trains per hour in service.