The timetable for the next 10 weeks of the 2017/18 season will now be revealed on Wednesday.

The timetable was first revealed by the BBC in January, with the date set for the start of the season in March.

The full schedule will be released in a new BBC Sport website on Wednesday, with full details available here.

There will be three different dates per year.

The first date is on February 2, with all trains operating from London’s Royal Docks.

The second date is March 1, with trains from Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds leaving from the Docks at 1:30pm.

The third date is April 15, with both trains and the fleet departing at 7:30am.

The new timetable was announced on Thursday by the Department for Transport (DfT), which said: “This is a major step towards ensuring a safe, reliable and reliable journey on the trains.”

The timetable will be based on an assessment of the latest research and data from the National Rail Safety Network (NRSN), which tracks and tracks train safety.

“The new timetables will help to reduce the number of people who need to travel to work each week, while maintaining a safe and secure journey for people who want to get home after a long day at work,” said Chris Stewart, the NRSN’s director of policy.

“They also reflect the safety of the network, which is vital to the Government’s plans for an electrified, national network.”

The new schedule will apply to all public transport, not just trains.

“For example, a journey from the capital to Glasgow could now take just a few minutes if the train is at the right time and the tracks are clear,” said Stewart.

“But, if a journey takes an hour and a half, that will be reduced to just two minutes.

This will ensure a safer journey for the public, particularly for children and the elderly.”

For the first time since the new timetable went into effect, there will be no scheduled service between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This means that all trains from Glasgow to Edinburgh will operate from the Edinburgh town centre.

The NRSN will also update the timetable for journeys from Glasgow, which will take place from February 10, 2017, to March 1. 

The revised timetable will now take into account research from the NRSTN. 

On March 3, all trains departing from Glasgow will operate at 7am.

There is a small change in timetable for London Underground, with services from London Bridge, Kings Cross and Waterloo to no longer operate between 1:00pm and 5:00am. 

There will now only be two trains from London Heathrow to the West End of London every day, starting at 2:00.

London Underground also announced on Wednesday that it is cancelling all overnight services between Gatwick Airport and Gatwick, with only three trains departing at 8am on March 10. 

These trains will be the only trains from Gatwick to Heathrow on that day. 

It is the first of three trains to be scrapped between March 10 and March 17.

The government has announced that it will introduce a fare structure for the London Tube system, with an extra fare of £1.10 on journeys from 1:15pm to 5:15am and a further £1 on journeys between 6:00 and 8:00 on March 16. 

This will include free parking for customers on board and free Wi-Fi in the stations. 

“The introduction of fares on the London Underground system is a significant step towards giving the public a choice in how they travel,” said Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. 

He added that the fares were “an important step forward in ensuring London’s underground network is fit for purpose”.

The government said it is “working with industry and the public to ensure that we can deliver the benefits of modernising the Underground network”.

“We will continue to invest in the London underground network, ensuring that all our journeys are safe and convenient for the people of London and their visitors,” Grayling said.