The lionel set is a series of lionel toy trains set which were originally created by a school to train young boys. 

It is an incredibly fun way to spend a weekend and also gives kids the opportunity to practice with their own toys and play around with their friends. 

There are three lionel sets available, each of which has a different theme and theme area. 

One lionel will train boys to pee in their underwear while another will train them to be a toilet boy in their trousers. 

The third lionel, the toilet set, is designed to be used by boys at home. 

All three lionels are made from the same material, so they will work in the same way and each can be purchased individually. 

Each lionel has a special button that you can use to change its theme. 

In the case of the lionel toilets, this button is for the toilet setting and is located on the back. 

This button can also be used to change the colour of the toilet. 

You can also change the size of the cub, but these are not included in the set. 

Cubs can be placed in the lioness toilet or the lionet toilet. 

  There is also a lionel toilet set for girls, which includes cubs. 

 Each set comes with a lioness diaper, a lionet diaper and a toilet seat. 

I love these lionel toys and will be purchasing a second set soon! 

The Lionel Set has been around since at least the 1960s, and I have been buying them ever since. 

While these lionels may not be the most fashionable toys, they are fun and practical. 

They are fun to play with, and the liones will get you used to the idea of a boy peeing in a toilet, so you can enjoy this great weekend activity.